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“Making connections, finding balance” – inVIVO 2020. Includes “First, they came for the whales”

I was asked by Susan Prescott, the inspiring leader of the fascinating inVIVO conferences, to do this brief piece about our deeper connections to each other, other species and indeed the whole cosmos. While my approach is based in the sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, ecology) it is also about the spiritual dimensions of our lives. Available on my own website at

Economics as if wellbeing mattered!

Closing plenary at ASI 2020, the Atlantic Policy Forum on Mental Health Promotion, held online August 24-26, 2020. The theme of the Forum was ‘Upstream Investment in Mental Health Promotion: The Answer to the Mental Health Crisis’.

Healthy One Planet Communities: Creating planetary, community and personal health

Cork (Ireland) Green Spaces for Health, 20 Oct 2020

My presentation starts at 10.30

Canadian Association of Nurses for the Environment – Annual meeting

Health in the Anthropocene: Planetary health and One Planet communities

PHABC Summer Institute, July 2020

I was the Program Co-Chair and a keynote and workshop speaker

Plenary session: Intro to Public Health & the Anthropocene

My part starts at 17 minutes

Workshop: Pollution, Ecotoxicity & Health in the Anthropocene Breakout Session

Workshop: Ecological Economics: Fit for Purpose in the 21st Century Breakout Session

Plenary Session: One Planet Living Cities

My part starts at 19 minutes

Gaia: The ultimate setting for health promotion   Opening keynote, Annual Health Promotion Conference, NUI Galway, 18 June 2020

Also on my own website at

Bouncing forward to a One Planet Region: Could Covid-19 be a social tipping point? Creatively United EarthFest, 25 April 2020

Available at

Roar forward, not back: Covid-19 and Planetary Health – CoPEH Canada Webinar – Learning for Planetary Health: Early Lessons from a Pandemic – 15 April 2020

I am at 34 mins in

Religion, Spirituality and Ecology in the Anthropocene – UVic Ideafest event organised by Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, 5 March 2020

A panel session following a free public viewing of the film “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch” – my segment starts at 7min 22 sec, for 7 minutes

Welcome to the Anthropocene – St George’s United Church, Cadboro Bay, Victoria (Anglican Diocese of BC)

9 Dec 2019

Dr. Hancock begins by explaining the word “Anthropocene,” the term geologists now use to describe this current geological age, so named because the harmful ecological footprint of human beings has been so catastrophic that it will appear in the geological record. The Anthropocene, Hancock explains, is about far more than just climate change. While detailing the salient scientific information underlying the term Anthropocene Hancock also helps us to see that not every human being shares equally in creating harm nor suffers equally from environmental harm. High-income countries such as Canada have been living as if there are three or four earths, not one. He then reminds us of the “think globally, act locally” notion and how this way of thinking is being implemented in the One Planet Living movement, most particularly in the ongoing experience of One Planet Saanich. Though Dr. Hancock delivers challenging information about the ecological crisis his presentation is ultimately hopeful. Throughout, he conveys a conviction that we can make the changes that need to be made and that, indeed, faith communities are essential in helping us transition to sustainable living.

Conversations for a One Planet Region: Engaging citizens in the socio-cultural and ecological challenges of the Anthropocene – Engaged Citizens Speakers Series, Vancouver Island University, 3 February 2020

One Planet Region webinar – CoPEH Canada, Wednesday 22nd Jan 2020

See details (and links to a number of resources) at


The webinar recording is at

My segment starts at 42.40

IUHPE Keynote, Rotorua 2019 –Healthy Cities 2.0 Towards One Planet Cities”



Health and the urban environment: Neglected challenges

A presentation at the Healthy Urban Environments (HUE) Collaboratory, Sydney

27th March 2019

One Planet Cities: A Talk and Discussion with Dr. Trevor Hancock

  • Think City, Penang and Kuala Lumpur, October 2018

Healthy public policy, Fuse Conference, May 2018

  • Brief introduction and overview 

A duty to protect and oppose, a passion to promote and propose – April 2018

  •  Opening Speech, Annual Culminating Conference, School of Public Health and Social Policy, UVic
  • This  is my retirement/farewell speech and it pretty much sums up my approach to public health over the past 40 years.

A Career in Public Health with Dr. Trevor Hancock

  • CPHA Webinar, 6 March 2018

Promo spots for IUHPE

Sailing and the Change Process

  • In this brief video (an extract from my CityTalk on Healthy Cities: Past, Present and Future, 24 January 2013 – see below) I describe the process of change in the community as a sailing trip.

An Holistic Approach to the Well-Being of Society in the Anthropocene: Challenges and opportunities for us all”

  • 2017 Adolescent Health Symposium, Madison WI –Keynote address – PPT available at

People, Planet Participation – Healthy Cities in the Anthropocene

Keynote address, Urban Thinkers Campus, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, January 2016

“Its called . . . Outside”

Plenary address, Canadian Parks Summit, Canmore AB. Powerpoint available at

Public Health in the Anthropocene

Invited Lecture, Paul Bernard Lecture Series, Lea Roback Centre, UQAM, Montreal, February 2016

Environmental health equity: From the molecular to the global

Webinar for National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health

Population health in the Anthropocence: The grandest challenge, the wickedest problem        

Plenary presentation, Australian Public Health Congress, Hobart, Australia, September 2015 

Beyond the Charter: The beginning of the middle

Closing plenary, 2015 International Conference for Health Promoting Universities & Campuses, Kelowna BC, 25 June 2015

It takes a hael community to raise healthy people: Working together to create healthier communities    

Keynote Address, Thrive Nova Scotia Conference, October 2014

Healthy Cities: Past, Present and Future – CityTalks, University of Victoria, 24 January 2013

Creating a healthier Vancouver/ Healthy Urban governance 

Vancouver Healthy City Summit, 22 June 2012

The Environmental Determinants of Health  

Health for All Symposium, School of Public Health, University of Alberta, 2011

Life, the universe and everything: The boundless opportunities of population health promotion and public health research            

Keynote address, INSIGHTS ’11 – Public health research conference, School of Public Health, University of Alberta